Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADAM?

Currently the Allagan Data Acquisition Module serves as an external chat client. Chat from the game is transmitted to the server and viewable from the browser anywhere you have an internet connection, it is also possible to send chat from the server (your browser) to the game, which will allow you to interact with others in near real-time and execute any /command. Currently we have a few other features such as a list of items you have gathered or crafted in the last hours, multi-character support and a few other tidbits. We'll be growing very quickly now that we have released.

What does ADAM mean?

ADAM stands for Allagan Data Acquisition Module. We wanted a lore friendly name that could still be shortened into a catchy easy to remember name.

How much does ADAM cost?

Currently we only have one module, our core module, which costs $2.00 per month. Additional modules which will provide a number of cool new features will cost as well, assuming you wish to have those features. We want to keep things cheap, and as customizable as we can.

Is there a trial?

Yes, however we don't currently have an automated system. Go ahead and create an account, then jump on our Discord (Click here to join) and ask for a trial in #trial-requests. All trials will be 3 days. If you redeemed a trial several months ago but weren't interested in ADAM at the time, feel free to ask for another trial if you're still not sure!

What are your future plans?

Our first major milestone is to make ADAM into a Remote Management Tool allowing you view inventories, retainer inventories, character information, quests etc. This will allow you to see a lot of what is going on in game without being at the machine running FFXIV.

The end goal for ADAM is to be a complete Remote Administration Tool allowing you to control your characters remotely, control RebornBuddy remotely, and likely many other things we haven't even thought of yet- being able to queue up a series of actions remotely, or perhaps even interact with various BotBases.

What botting programs are supported?

Currently we only support RebornBuddy. However we are exploring other botting programs used for FFXIV.

What game languages do you support?

Currently we only support English. Support for Chinese is in the works, and we hope to eventually support all languages used by FFXIV. If you'd like to help with translations, link

Is my data safe with you?

Yes, we take quite a few precautions against data breaches and keeping your data safe. We routinely have our servers and our website tested against several of the more common vulnerabilities as well as ensuring all of our software is up-to-date with the latest security fixes to ensure none of the holes in the tools we use can be exploited. We can't say too much more about the precautions we take without potentially invalidating those precautions.

How long do you store my data?

Currently we store all user data for 7 days. This may be shortened in the future. Additionally we may have longer data retention plans in the future for users who wish to keep more in-depth long term statistical data. For now, all non-required data is wiped as soon as it becomes 7 days old. Required data meaning your login credentials, characters and such like that. (Characters are deleted every 60 days if the user does not log into their account for that period.)

Can I delete my data whenever I want?

Yes you can! You can go to your settings page then click Purge Data. This purges all data, including stored characters. Only thing that remains is your account information, which has no information related to FFXIV. This is a full purge of data and is not reversible in any way. We do not soft delete. This data is gone forever.

What if someone requests user data, will you just hand it over to them?

No, before we take any action we will contact a lawyer to determine what action we can take, and to ensure their request is lawful. We will explore every option available to us before we hand data over. If we do hand data over, we will explain why we did it, and why we had no other options assuming we are legally able to divulge that information.